Key Accomplishments:

·        Acquired initial Kingman contract (18,500 a/f) though reduced by 3,500 a/f for Indian use.  This initial 15,000 a/f was allocated as follows:

           Bullhead City                                                 6,000 a/f

           Lake Havasu City                                          6,000 a/f

           Mohave Water Conservation District          3,000 a/f

           The cost in 1994 was $500 a/f, 90% of which goes to Kingman for development of its groundwater resources


·        Through May, 2014 contributed more than $7.7M to the Kingman Grant Fund for development of water supplies.


·        Successfully lobbied for inclusion in the Arizona Water Settlements Act for the restoration of 3,500 a/f of 4th priority water.


·        Acquired additional 4th priority water from the Cibola Valley Irrigation and Drainage District allocated to our members as follows:

           Bullhead City                                                 2,139 a/f

           Lake Havasu City                                          2,139 a/f


·        Negotiated favorable treatment of Colorado River mainstream 4th priority users in the Arizona Shortage Sharing Agreement.


·        Negotiated agreement with the Arizona Water Banking Authority for banking water on behalf of 4th priority mainstream users to firm their supplies against future shortages and an agreement with CAWCD to recover the banked water in exchange for agreeing not to take water off the Colorado River in times of shortage.